General Meetings of Shareholders held in 2019
Date Meeting Results
10 June 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (held in person)
  • The Meeting approved the Annual Report, annual accounting (financial) statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Profit for the period was distributed, and the resolution on FY 2018 dividend payout was passed
  • A new Board of Directors and Audit Commission were elected; resolutions on remuneration of members of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission were passed
  • Interested party transactions were approved
  • The auditor was approved to audit Nornickel’s accounting (financial) statements, consolidated financial statements, and interim consolidated financial statements prepared under the Russian Accounting Standards
  • The Meeting approved Nornickel’s joining the Interregional Cross-Industry Association of Employers “Union of Copper and Nickel Producers and Production Support Providers”, and resolved other matters
26 September 2019 An Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in absentia) A resolution to pay the 1H 2019 dividend was passed
16 December 2019 An Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (held in absentia) A resolution to pay the 9M 2019 dividend was passed
Quorum at General Meetings of Shareholders in 2017–2019(%)
Shareholders who used e-voting services