Social and charity initiativeS

Nornickel is the world’s largest metals and mining company, playing an important role in the Russian economy. Due to its geography and financial strength, Nornickel has a strong impact on the social and economic life in the regions in which it operates. With its facilities located mostly in single-industry towns, Nornickel seeks to maintain a favourable social climate and comfortable urban environment, providing its employees and their family members with ample opportunities for creative pursuits and self-fulfilment.

The core principle behind this social contribution is a partnership involving all stakeholders in the development and implementation of social programmes based on the balance of interests, cooperation, and social consensus.

The harsh climate faced by Nornickel employees in life and at work, the remoteness of the Company’s key industrial facilities, and the increasing competition for human capital across the industry call for a highly effective, human-centred social policy that would promote Nornickel’s reputation as an employer of choice.