Corporate Secretary

The role of the Corporate Secretary is to ensure compliance with the procedures for the protection of shareholder rights and legitimate interests, as prescribed by applicable laws and Nornickel’s by-laws, and to monitor such compliance. According to the Articles of Association, the Corporate Secretary is appointed by the Board of Directors for a three-year term. The Board of Directors may terminate the office of the Corporate Secretary before the end of the term.

The Corporate Secretary’s key functions:

  • Involvement in preparing and holding the General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Preparing and holding meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees
  • Contributing to the improvement of Nornickel’s corporate governance framework and practice
  • Managing the activities of the Secretariat
  • Other functions in accordance with Nornickel’s by-laws

The Corporate Secretary reports administratively to the President and is accountable to, and controlled by, the Board of Directors.

At present, Pavel Platov is Nornickel’s Corporate Secretary. In December 2018, the Board of Directors extended Pavel Platov’s term as Corporate Secretary by another three years.

In 2019, Pavel Platov won the national Director of the Year award in the Corporate Governance Officer/Corporate Secretary category, one of Russia’s most prestigious awards in corporate governance.

At its 15 January 2020 meeting, the Board of Directors approved a new version of the Regulations on the Corporate Secretary of MMC Norilsk Nickel following a preliminary review by the Corporate Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee. The new version of the Regulations contains updated terms and definitions which are fully compliant with the Bank of Russia’s Corporate Governance Code.